Why Are You Arguing with the World?

Rédigé le 06/01/2023
Christ Avec Moi Ministries

Seems that everywhere we look, there is nothing but arguing going on. Take one look at social media, at the news, in your email inbox...full of arguments, from politics to work to personal matters. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your opinion and having a healthy debate here and there, but when you start to argue more often than not…....it’s time to ask yourself what’s going on.


The first question to ponder is : what is it exactly that’s driving you to stir up this controversy? Is your goal to make your voice heard on an issue you feel truly passionate about? Is it the people making the initial statements that you’re craving a dispute with? Do you just flat-out enjoy conflict? The reason behind this desire can reveal a lot about your current needs, which correspond directly to your overall state of well-being.


Then, what’s your arguing style? Do you have a genuine interest in hearing what the other side has to say, or are you there strictly to voice what you want and make sure everyone hears? Is your approach respectful and considerate of other ideas, or do you take a full-on bullying technique that seems to be popular these days in well-known figures around us?


Finally, what are you expecting to achieve from these actions? Are you hoping to leave an argument feeling satisfied and relieved because you expressed what had been bottled up inside? Or are you looking to come out feeling superior, because you managed to put your opponent down enough to walk away the obvious “winner”?


Don’t go through your everyday motions without any attention to the underlying reasons—rarely do people act in ways that have no explanation. Engaging in conflict regularly may be a good indicator of some other issues that need to be addressed, and when this is done so through honest self-reflection and commitment to change, serenity and a more peaceful state of mind are the results.


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