Kindness vs. naivete

Rédigé le 06/01/2023
Christ Avec Moi Ministries

Kindness is a quality, amongst others such as humility, generosity, tolerance, etc. Unfortunately, society has lost so much of its moral bearings that this quality is considered today, if not as a defect, at least as a weakness. It is therefore perceived, at best as naivety, and at worst as silliness. In the eyes of many people, it has even become abnormal, if not suspicious, to be kind. This reflects the "hardening" that has occurred in human relationships over the past few decades.


What does kindness entail exactly? In general, it is the attitude which consists of being amicable and sympathetic towards others—this amicability and sympathy must be sincere and never with alternative motives. It is also to be helpful and attentive, and not indifferent to others. Kindness includes many qualities that facilitate life in society and make it more pleasant.


As time goes on, feelings of insecurity and the value of individualism prevailing in society have unfortunately made kindness even more suspicious. While it should generate good feelings amongst those who benefit from it and even some recognition from them, it instead raises skepticism. In the eyes of many, there is almost always a hidden reason behind doing something nice, hence the feeling of mistrust towards a nice person, and they are often suspected of being self-interested and insincere.


Regarding naivete, it’s often seen as an expression of lack of intelligence. Often people who are said to be "naive" are wrong, and their state of mind results in them missing evil and encountering problems later on, but this should be reconsidered. As a general rule, they are confident and benevolent in nature, which is positive in itself. Because of this, they are inclined to be kind, not only with their loved ones, but also with others in general. They are good neighbors, good co-workers, and good friends, and are a good example of what we should aspire to be like in everyday life.

As always, a balance is usually the solution—being nice does not mean accepting and tolerating everything, because there are unacceptable and intolerable behaviors. We don’t need to completely let ourselves be taken advantage of, but just need to learn not to respond to violence with violence.


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