Generosity Comes in More Forms than One

Rédigé le 06/01/2023
Christ Avec Moi Ministries

When speaking about generosity, what first comes to mind? For many, generosity is measured by a price tag, but this shouldn’t be the case. Not having monetary means should not equal a lack of generosity, there are other, much more meaningful, ways to give.  

Knowing how to listen is generous...


Taking time to listen, to give time and to devote attention to a person is an act of generosity. When listening to this person, you should always be one hundred percent with them, forgetting yourself for a moment and giving all the attention you have to give. What’s more generous than showing those around us that we are dependable and available—in short that we are there because we care. By listening to someone, you gain a sense of purpose, as you are doing something good for someone. And what’s more rewarding than knowing we’ve done the right thing and are someone who takes care of his friends! Immediate gratification on your side and appreciation on the receiving side are the results.


Giving smiles


The smile has an underrated power of happiness but unfortunately in our society (especially in large cities), it is less and less used. People now live for themselves, are more selfish than ever, and therefore no longer see those around them. Smiling at someone, even a stranger, can make their and your day more beautiful! Why ? Two simple reasons: smiling makes you happier. You will see—make the test, force yourself to smile, and you will find that after several seconds, it won’t be fake anymore! Secondly, smiling at someone we do not know is an act so rare nowadays that it will greatly surprise the person receiving the small act of kindness.


If you want to be more generous to live better and be more fulfilled, do not ignore people, smile! You will see that it makes others happier, and in return you’ll have a smile of your own. Smiling at others requires so little of you, but in the end, it can bring a lot to everyone.


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